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Collaborate with us and Connect virtually by creating a highly interactive visual connection with your business partners, suppliers, customers and employees globally.Engage virtually anywhere, with nearly any endpoint device or gadget across the world in real time using the public Internet or a private connection. You can focus less on how you collaborate and more on hosting a productive meeting.
These converged communications solutions are commonly referred to as listed below;
Video Conferencing
Video Conference or video telephony is the most common term for video communication. Using video, data and audio communication between two or more locations and exchanging data in real-time among the users output.
The latest term for video conferencing; however it includes high-end codecs that support high bandwidth and provide HD resolutions and may also include the robotic telepresence or telerobotics.
Immersive Telepresence
A concept that provides a high degree of immersion to the first two solutions, this involves a complex virtual architectural plan combined with ICT to bring the best in communications. The degree of immersion defines how much the users feel like the remote site is actually sitting at the other end of the table in their room even though they might be continents apart.
Related key features and benefits could be:
  • Reduce travel time, costs and carbon emissions
  • Improve decision making and communication between multiple stakeholders
  • Comprehensive and granular visibility for equipment, network, and video call quality
  • Single platform management and Views
  • Negotiate contracts quickly
  • Ensure seamless communication between partners and investors and cut on travel costs

  • Our Video conferencing and Telepresence management on a single platform cuts overhead, avoids service issues and enables high-margin video services for value-added revenue streams, let us know soon.

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