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The ultimate in home solutions that introduce and apply networking and connectivity to devices and equipment all over your house while using a wireless or Ethernet cable connection to all your devices in the home.
The home solutions can be implemented on the following platforms:
Fiber optic, used to provide high speed connectivity or backbone line in your home network
Ethernet (CAT6e) copper the most popular LAN solution used to provide connectivity in all networks
Power Line technology, designed to create a home network using the existing electrical wiring
Ethernet over phone line, is technology that creates a network using existing telephone lines
Wireless (WiFi), this is where radio frequencies are used to create a home network
Smart technology uses range from;
Safety and Security
Security systems can protect the residents and their belongings from intruders. They can also warn homeowners in case there is any emergency, by letting them know how to take care of themselves and also in case of calamity, a survival plan can be designed to assist prevent more disaster and get lives out of danger.
Energy Efficiency
The increasing costs and depletion of energy worldwide, it is becoming more important to be energy efficient. With the introduction of internet of things, it is becoming easier to manage all of your house components by synchronizing and connecting home appliances to a common network and monitor and regulate their performance using your remote smart devices.
Internet & Networking
Computers and smart gadgets around the house are all part of a network to share files among users and the Wi-Fi system, so data can be accessed anytime and anywhere from any device. You can also connect to your house connections from the road to easily communicate with everyone around the house.
The residents will be getting the best of sound and visuals on the stereo system, television and Internet. Multiples users could access the centralized home theatre features to view or listen to anything they want from any location in the home and could also be used to access other features of the smart home system like your video security system and personal online data.
Help & Support
We also help with our support team and have a 24x7 help and support team that helps determine the health of your home network and maintain it for you by fixing problems that may be caused by old network components, wear and tear, damaged or faulty wiring.

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