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Safe and secure technology is a priority for all our customers as organizational threats and risks keep growing and changing all the time, we design and installation to ongoing security system and provide updated maintenance. Demand for security management solutions has become the standard rather than the exception,
We offer our customers the following listed services among others:

  • Software security and firewall systems
  • Networks and device security
  • Passive Infra-Red (PIR) that detects motion sensors, this is considered as the most successful and economical detection device
  • Access control systems such as Reed Switches that are magnetic switches that control door and window movement functions
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and real time activity monitors
  • Intercom Systems basically give the user control over activities within a building complex as well as secure communication channel
  • Vibrations Sensors and Duress Alarms are being utilized to activate the alarm system in an emergency situation and also recognize when there is any forcing of doors or windows
  • Smoke Detectors used to determine the possibility of fire and are required for any new building and in some instances are standard safety requirements
  • Biometric Access Controls and Access cards to ensure that all events are logged and accounted for in restricted access areas
  • Risk and Security
    As IT services advances the probability of internal data breaches only increases as businesses grow. The profile of malicious security attacks keeps growing and changing. A security framework of security policy, secure processing and technology systems auditing needs to exist to protect each device from external threats such as; Viruses( Worms, Trojans, Botnets , DDoS , Phishing, Malware, Click Jacking and Cross-site Scripting)
    These attacks can be delivered via USB, websites, hacking, through emails and increasingly Smart phones.
    As our customer, this allows you to focus on your core business while the installed systems secure your sensitive business assets secure. We bring the right balance between security and business flexibility by creating reliable firewalls in your entire network and devices.

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