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By having the best professionals across Kenya in the satellite and Antenna market, we offer expert professional Services that bring together all the components that deliver you a viable satellite solution.
Our team of professionals understands the breadth and depth of the Telecommunications Infrastructure on the ground, including current and evolving standards like wireless and cellular. We are committed to the success of new and existing networks, application systems and organizations that utilize broadband technologies, satellite and wireless communications in Information Technology. Other related services that are within our scope also include:
  • RF Design and 2-way Radio Wave propagation.
  • Satellite Installations and Consultancy.
  • Satellite Design and performance evaluation.
  • Satellite maintenance and periodic servicing.
  • We offer the best services to organizations and business entities whether in public or private sectors, all over Kenya. We will provide consultancy services to enable you to promptly target new business opportunities at their most vital initial phase and as your business grows, you will be able to concentrate your resources on the core value of your business while we handle the rest of your IT problems.
    We bring the best experience and resource capability to fill and satisfy the gaps in your Satellite telecommunications programs and installations whether it concerns an equipment manufacturer, service provider, or buyer of Satellite Communication Services.
    TEL today and get your satellite and wireless radio frequency installation needs solved either in sales and/or in installations.

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