Who We Are

We are an IT Consulting company that provides IT Solutions and IT Services in Kenya and we are also licensed by Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), to operate East Africa-Kenya. The company has been providing all Information Communications Technology services and solutions since the year 2013 to the Kenyan ICT sector.We use ICT to make our clients’ perform better and improve their operations using the latest technology available in the market, we are primarily located in Nairobi but have a wider reach and geographical placement in Kenya. We have an experienced workforce of professionals ready to deliver in all technology fields and have field consultants who manage and run projects both for you and our company.
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Our Skills

We are slowly building and redefining the ICT industry in Kenya!

What We Do

Our mission is to provide strategic and technical value to our Customers by designing, harnessing, building and maintaining cost effective communications networks for East Africa’s business operators, individuals and Service providers. We assist in the rapid deployment of Information Communication systems and technology in order to meet the current and future needs of Kenya's telecommunications industry.
AXELIS ENTERPRISES is a leading and reliable telecommunication solutions and services partner in the domestic, regional and international markets that provides efficient, effective and economically viable services. We ultimately enable our clients to get quality services and solutions in East Africa-Kenya.

Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

Our business slogan identifies and defines our vision for ICT in Kenya, we seek to improve Africa by creating simple innovations and making technology an asset for every business in Africa by deploying tailored IT solutions and services in Africa, as your technology partner, you are assured of the dedication and growth that you or your business deserve, a professional and competent team will work hand in hand with you to support you in your growth and ensure you that your technology needs are satisfied through our partnership.


IT Consultancy

We are a dedicated team with considerable experience in ICT consulting and we are »

IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing happens to be the highest level of service we provide to our customers »

ICT Procurement/Supply

Procurement of IT can be a challenging process without the required professional knowledge,»

Structured Cabling

Our highly-skilled technicians with proper planning ensure prompt delivery of engineering »

Networking & Connectivity

We work with our clients to deploy secure reliable and efficient networks, providing connectivity»

Smart Home Connection

The ultimate home networking solution technology that enables a wireless or Ethernet cable connection »

Meet our team

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Joseph Ikitoo

Finance & Operations
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Francis Gatehi

Stategy & Planning
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Sam Mburu

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Ebrahim Nyali

Technical Head
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