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We provide a range of 2 Way Radios also known as VHF or UHF radio equipment that assist in wireless connectivity in full from antenna systems, radios, duplexers, repeaters and feeder cables. These are wireless electronic devices that send and receive signals. Two way radios let you listen and talk and transmit or broadcast on a specific frequency. Two way radios broadcast in the VHF range (very high frequency) or UHF range (ultra high frequency).
The second factor in radio broadcasting is the power of the signal measured in “watts.” The more wattage or power the further the signal will travel. The 2 way radios transmit at 1-5 watts and mobile radios (the kind you might find in a fleet of delivery trucks or taxi cabs) broadcast from 25 watts up to 50 watts. Some mobile radios, also used for base stations, transmit up to 100 watts.
When dealing with RF communication for home or business, it all depends on a specific customer’s needs or request, UHF 2 way radios are highly recommended because the signal that is produced has better ability to travel around objects that obstruct like trees and buildings. We recommend VHF 2 way radios when they are going to be used outside where there is little interference between the sender and the receiver. Under these conditions VHF travels further than UHF.
In some cases where the area is large or long distances, special amplifiers known as repeaters can be used to extend the 2 way radio range. The use of repeaters can extend the range or provide better reception in areas with a lot of obstacles.
We install 2-way radios that have multiple channels, like AM or FM radios, and can be tuned to different stations depending on your needs. Each channel has a different frequency so people listening and talking on ONE channel will not hear people talking on another channel or crosstalk on any other channels. This is particularly important to our customers that want a large group of employees to be able to communicate with each other without interfering with other groups of employees.
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