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There is never a good time for a computer to break down or malfunction, but you can make a bad situation a lot worse or you can instantly make it better by having planned to deal with such a situation before hand.
You need professionals to come in, assess the problem where it exists and find a solution in a Fast, efficient and cost effective way.
Our consultants have highly specialized knowledge, skills and ability from various professional backgrounds that cover all areas of ICT. They are all trained computer experts with relevant experience, if you have a problem, you can be sure they have come across them many times before. They will solve your current problem and advise you on any improvements you can make for the future and help solve your current problems all together.

Some of our support services from our support team include;
  • Setup your Mac or PC e-mail configuration.
  • Setup your internet and network connectivity.
  • Setup up your firewall and business software.
  • Data backups & data recovery.
  • Security software and firewalls against viruses & spam and create secure connections.
  • Setup your wireless or wired home network.
  • Fix, repair and service printer and copier problems.
  • Remove pop up advertisements.
  • Computer software training.
  • Media and Video conferencing set-up.
  • Voice over the internet (VoIP) network set up.

  • When problems arise, don’t make a bad situation worse, get in touch with us and let our team support you.

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